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Later he worked at The Yazoo City Compress before Accepting a position as Warehouse Supervisor for Mississippi Farmer's Co-Op, Inc. June took special joy in all of her grandchildren: Zachary, Jon Michael, Hanna, Kailey, Lauren, Thomas and Christopher. Peggy Joyce Coody, 76, of Satartia passed away Friday August 4, 2017 at St Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital. A homemaker she was a member of Midway Baptist Church. of Daly City, CA, 4 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren,and sister; Peggy Dykes of Pascagoula, MS. of Yazoo City, sons; Jordan Rogers of Florala, AL, Kobe & Will Rogers of Yazoo City, daughters Hanna Rogers of Texas & Aaliyah Rogers of Yazoo City, brothers; Scotty Williams & David Rogers of Yazoo City, sister; Tina Rogers of Yazoo City, a host of nieces, nephews, & uncles also survive. & Evelyn Chaney Visitation will be at Stricklin-King Funeral Home Friday July 21st P. Allen Fredrick “Fred” Johnston, Sr., 85, of Yazoo City passed away Saturday July 8, 2017 at Martha Coker Green Houses. Survivors include his son; Richard (Christy) Johnston of Yazoo City,daughter; Margaret (Michael) Robertson of Yazoo City, 6 grandchildren; Mickey Robertson, Charlotte Robertson, Olivia (Kyle) Athey, Fred Johnston, III, Ashton (Laken) Johnston, & Hunter Johnston, 7 great grandchildren, and daughter-in-law Lisa Johnston of Yazoo City. at Stricklin-King Funeral Home with services Tuesday July 11 at A. Joseph’s Catholic Church, then settling and retiring to his home on Fletcher Chapel Road where he lived next door to his adopted aunt and longtime friend Katherine Plunkett.

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Survivors are her son; Randy (Shurley Rae) Hearst of Benton, sisters-in-law; Amy Martin of Bentonia & Kathryn Broom of Benton, and a host of nieces and nephews. Hearst was preceded in death by her husband; Randolph Hearst, her parents; J. & Mildred Kinnison Martin, and brother Joe Danny Martin. They had 3 children; Thomas “Tim” Sligh, Freddie Sligh, and Coy Sligh. June started her career at King’s Daughters Hospital Yazoo City where she worked 36 years before retiring from the Business Administration Department. Honorary Pallbearers are; Robert Belk, Andy Burt, Frank Hilderbrand, Billy Ray Harris, Boogie Clark, Raymond Petway, and Jeff Tinnan. Stricklin-King Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Fielder of Jackson and Victor Manor of Verona, MS, a grandchild; Mayghan Fielder, Brothers; Robert Ellett and James Randy Ellett and sister; Sharon Stevens all of Benton. She dedicated her life to raising her four children; Dorothy (Robert) Oliver of Benton, Sandra (Steve) Meyerhein of Rio Rancho, NM, George Fuller of Yazoo City, & John (Phoebe) Fuller of Clinton, 6 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. Joe was preceded in death by his parents Lecester & Bessie Massey Osborne, brothers; Allen & Marcus Osborne. He later worked for Marathon Oil Company and eventually retired from oilfield production. The community is constantly updating with new free porn videos every hour, making the best free sex site on the net!We offer a huge free selection of full length porn videos to download or stream.A Honor Roll 10th grade: Emerald Adair, Caitlin Allen, Lindsey Allen, Corey Angel, Austin Arnzen, Caleb Aufdenberg, Zachary Aufdenberg, Caden Baird, Madison Barnum, Kennedy Bauer, Hadley Beck, Laura Bertrand, Wesley Blattel, Elizabeth Brakhane, Seth Brandel, Dylan Brott, Alaina Broussard, Kevin Brown, Kaitlin Bruns, Landon Carlton, Sean Cheney, Charles Collins, Deana Cook, Sophia Crabtree, Gracen Craig, Hailey Crass, Caleb Dameron, Amber Donze, Alison Duckworth, Faith Dynneson, Jonathan Earnest, Morgan East, Arielle Emmons, Robert Englehart, Seth Essner, Trey Evans, Hailey Farmer, Kia Fellows, Sarah Fetterhoff, Parker Fisher, Ellie Foote, Colton Friese, Boone Gartman, Austin Gilliland, Hunter Gray, Trenton Greable, Alexander Griggs, Kaitlin Hart, Colby Hawk, Emily Hawkins, Jane Heisserer, Matthew Heisserer, Hunter Hendershott, Ashlynn Henry, Emily Hermann, Morgan Hiett, Alexis Hill, Taryn Holt, Caroline Hume, Jessica Humphreys, Kaleb Irby, Kelsee Jensen, Taylor Keller, Hunter Large, Mikala Liley, Kortnea Little, Faith Littleton, Sydney Lorenz, Samantha Mansfield, Kalli Mayfield, Campbell Mc Cearley, Kayne Mc Cormick, Brock Mc Cullough, Leslie Mc Guire, Miranda Metje, Abigail Miller, Bethany Miller, Natalie Miller, Hailey Mitchell, Cristine Nall, Taylor Nelson, Lindsey Noel, Bianca Overbeck, Brandon Pemberton, Scout Pettit, Parker Philipps, Chloe Pipkin, Samantha Poat, Mc Kenna Popp, Alyssa Ramsey, Alyssa Rapp, Chase Robinson, Skyler Ross, Alexandra Rothert, Payton Salyer, Elizabeth Sanders, Chelsea Schamburg, Tyke Schubert, Emily Scott, Colten Seyer, Justin Singleton, Dawson Southard, Alexandria Spurgeon, Celeste Stanton, Montana Stoner, Peyton Strand, Abby Strickland, Gwenith Tedder, Kathleen Thomas, Madalyn Tilley, Taylor Tripp, Justin Trovillion, Elijah Trunzo, Emma Vandeven, Julie Villalobos, Maddison Walker, William Ward, Tyler Webb, Madalyn Weber, Lillian Wendel, Brianna White, Hannah Wilson, Jared Wren, Riley Wyatt, Ethan York, Valerie Young.11th grade: Lama Alshammary, Jasmine Beard, Angel Bollinger, Colton Borders, Jacob Brown, Kasey Brown, Kendyll Brown, Lainey Brown, Makayla Brown, Nathan Brown, Brittany Byrd, Cooper Callis, Allison Carnell, Katelyn Carr, Alyssa Cartier, Abigail Chrusciel, Lainey Conklin, Nathan Cook, Noah Day, Lucas Farrow, Katelyn Fehr, Landon Felter, Braxton Gill, Carly Gotto, Lauren Greenlee, Olivia Hallet, Skyler Hamilton, Alexis Hanks, Kayla Hanks, Gavin Harrell, Brittney Hawk, Hailee Henson, Cameron Hester, Miranda Hines, Zoe Huff, Addison James, Terrico Johnson, Sicily Johnston, Jasmine Jones, Chiara Jungbluth, Amanda Justis, Kelsey Kasten, Kaitlyn Keller, Rachael Kelley, Warren Kelley, George Kietzer, Peter Lake, Riley La Plant, Justin Laurentius, Kiara Lehmann, Owen Leible, Coley Leimbach, Michael Luttrell, Adrienne Martinez-La Fentres, Mahaileea Massey, Mallorie Masterson, Harrison Mc Quade, Martin Mendez Higuera, Kale Moneyhun, Desmond Morris, Margo Motes, Molly Parker, Kyra Pearl, Graycen Pehle, Max Philipps, Presley Propst, Zachary Randolph, Sandra Redondo, Katelyn Robertson, Rebekah Ropp, Mallory Ruch, Abigail Sadler, Samuel Sammut, Colin Schlitt, Colin Schumer, Makenzie Seabaugh, Paige Seabaugh, Courtney Shields, Dalton Shultz, Alix Snider, Madison Storck, Mackenzie Stowers, Ralph Street, Hannah Summers, Blake Thompson, Erin Thurman, Adam Walker, Jack Warren, Sydney Watson, Cole Welker, Haley Woods, Xun Wu, Kalli Yarbro.