King ms self consolidating concrete

Clean the area to be repaired with potable water, leaving the concrete saturated but free of standing water (SSD).Mixing: Place 75% of required potable water into mixer and slowly introduce entire bag of MS-S6 SCC.She also directs the associations political program by spearheading all fundraising and development for CONCRETEPAC, NRMCAs Political Action Committee. Leininger worked for Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, one of the nations largest law firms specializing in healthcare and transportation public policy in Washington, DC. Leininger began her political career in 1995 working on Capitol Hill with former Senator Mike De Wine (R-OH), Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc Connell (R-KY) and Representative Ed Whitfield (R-01-KY). Leininger also spent a good deal of time working in the campaign trenches.She worked for Senator Jim Bunnings campaign during his successful Senate bid in 1998 and for the Republican National Committee during the 1996 presidential election. Leininger hails from Kentucky and is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelors of arts degree in journalism and applied technology.Add balance of required water slowly while mixer is running, not exceeding maximum recommended volume of water.Maximum recommended volume of water is 3.15 L (0.83 US gallon) per 30 KG (66 lb) bag.

• Partial depth, formed repairs of concrete beams, columns, soffits, and/or shear walls in bridges, parking garages or other concrete structures • Place MS-S10 SCC at a minimum thickness of 50 mm (2 inches) • Use MS-S10 SCC for closed formed repairs only Surface Preparation: All repair surfaces must be free from dust, oil, grease or any other foreign substances that may interfere with the bond of the material.Click here for datasheet High performance pre-packaged concrete repair material for partial depth repairs.MS-S6 Concrete is a pre-blended, pre-packaged high performance cementitious concrete repair material containing Portland cement, silica fume, 6 mm (1/4 inch) stone and other carefully selected components.FEATURES & BENEFITS • Superior plastic properties provide a fluid mix with self consolidating characteristics without bleeding or segregation • Easily consolidated without rodding or vibrating • Air-entrainment provides superior resistance to freezethaw cycling and salt-scaling in the presence of de-icing salts • Excellent pumpability • Properties similar to conventional concrete, thus offering excellent compatibility with exisiting concrete • Improved resistance to sulphate attack • Very low permeability • Low shrinkage • Designed with natural normal-density non-reactive fine and coarse aggregates to eliminate potential alkali-aggregate reactivity (AAR) • All KING products are manufactured using ISO 9008 Certified Processes USES • Partial depth, formed repairs of concrete beams, columns, soffits, and/or shear walls in bridges, parking garages or other concrete structures • Place MS-S6 SCC at a minimum thickness of 38 mm (1½ inches) • Use MS-S6 SCC for closed formed repairs only YIELD 30 KG (66 lb) bag contains approximately 0.014 m3 (0.5 ft3 ).PACKAGING MS-S6 SCC is normally packaged in 30 KG (66 lb) triple-lined bags and polywrapped on wooden pallets.