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To prevent data loss, change the commit mode to synchronous commit and wait for the secondary replica to be synchronized before you fail over the availability group.

Therefore, the rolling upgrade process may look as follows: If an availability group contains failover cluster instance (FCI) nodes, you should upgrade the inactive nodes before you upgrade the active nodes.

Using the INDEX option will update index statistics only.

2) By default, the UPDATE STATISTICS statement uses only a sample of records of the table.

Since I was doing this remotely, I could not go into the server room to shut down the server and I had no Oo B management configured so I had to do a little digging.

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During the upgrade process, a secondary replica will not be available for failover or for read-only operations, and, after the upgrade, it may take some time for the secondary replica to catch up with the primary replica node depending upon the volume of activity on the primary replica node (so expect high network traffic).

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1) By default, the UPDATE STATISTICS statement updates both index and column statistics.

Using the COLUMNS option of this statement will update column statistics only.